Oil Change Service at Joe Rizza Ford
Ford Oil Change Service

Why Oil Changes Are Important

Engine oil is a vital part of keeping your engine operating at peak performance. The main function of this oil is to give lubrication to internal engine components to help safeguard them against harmful heat and friction. Protect your engine and ensure years of reliable performance by having routine oil maintenance completed at Joe Rizza Ford of Orland Park.

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When Is the Right Time to Change My Oil?

Although everyone has a different driving style, you can trust the factory-trained technicians at Joe Rizza Ford of Orland Park to keep your vehicle properly maintained. Consulting your owner's manual is generally considered the best place to learn how often your oil needs to be changed. The manual will list a specific interval that's recommended for your exact model. Due to advancements in oil technology and in-vehicle oil life monitoring -- today's oil change intervals are now longer than in prior decades. While oil changes may be required less frequently, they're certainly not less important.

On older Ford vehicles, our recommendation is that you have your oil changed every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Many modern Ford models have oil change intervals of 7,500 or even 10,000 miles. Refer to your owner's manual or the oil life monitor inside your vehicle for more information. If you still aren't sure of when your oil needs to be changed, one of our knowledgeable Ford service advisors will be able to give you the right answer.

Tips for Identifying An Engine Oil-Related Problem

By noticing an issue with your oil, you can prevent serious damage to your engine and save money in the process by being proactive. Listed below are several common signs which may indicate that there is a problem with your engine oil.

Oil Beneath Your Vehicle

Oil Beneath Your Vehicle - Did you spot an oil stain or puddle of oil collecting below your vehicle? It's time to let a factory-trained Ford technician inspect your vehicle for an issue. Your oil pan gasket, oil pan drain plug, or the valve cover gasket(s) are areas where oil can typically leak from. Remember, even a small oil leak can turn into a massive problem due to the loss of oil pressure and potentially cause serious damage to your engine.

Oil Warning Light / Low Oil Pressure

Oil Warning Light / Low Oil Pressure - Driving with an oil warning light or a low oil pressure warning displayed can cause significant damage to your engine. A certain amount of oil is needed to keep your engine properly lubricated and protected from damage. If you see an oil warning light appear on your dashboard, you should stop driving your vehicle as quickly as safely possible. Contact the service professionals at Joe Rizza Ford of Orland Park for assistance.

Why Have Your Oil Changed At Joe Rizza Ford of Orland Park?

At Joe Rizza Ford, we're here to help you keep your Ford running like the day it was new. We use engine oil designed specifically to optimize the performance of your vehicle along with Genuine Ford oil filters. Our factory-certified technicians understand your Ford inside and out, better than anyone else. We take the time to carefully inspect and verify that your engine will continue to operate in peak condition for years to come.