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Tips for Road Tripping with Cats

While many veterinarians would not recommend traveling with cats, there are times where it is unavoidable, such as instances of moving or relocating. If you must take a road trip with a cat, practice these easy tips to help the trip in your Ford Edge run just a little smoother.


Find a Crate

It can be a safety hazard to travel with a cat without a crate. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to sit still throughout the trip. If they sneak down to the driver's feet, they can get in the way and cause an accident, no matter…

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Tips for Road Tripping with Dogs

While many people choose to leave their beloved dogs with neighbors or in a dog hotel while they go on vacation, others simply cannot imagine a whole week, or even just a few days away from man’s best friend. While many dogs love road trips, and more than that, the love the quality time spent with their people, it is important to keep these tips in mind in order to ensure that the trip runs as smoothly as possible.


Potty Breaks

Like people, dogs need potty breaks to do their business and get a little bit of time to…

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Vehicle Features Necessary for your College Freshman

When your child graduates from high school, your priority is to get them completely prepared for college. This can be a bit overwhelming for many parents as they try to make the right decision to ensure their child’s overall safety and preparation. One consideration many parents must make is whether their child’s high school vehicle is the right vehicle to send them to college in, or if they might need something different. The following are important factors to consider in a vehicle when sending your child off to college


Plenty of Space

When you load your child up…

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