The Ford F-150 Has Both the Brains and the Brawn

Many drivers are more and more requiring a vehicle that offers both the intelligent features and the capability they need.  Those who work in a hands-on field require a vehicle that is able to handle any tough terrain that it comes across. However, they also need a vehicle to be able to have the technology to tell them what they want to know, when they want to know it.

Luckily, the Ford F-150 combines the durability that you would expect from a Ford truck and it has the technology to get you through any situation you may face - on any road.

With the help of the 8-inch LCD productivity screen, you will be able to receive live, accurate data about virtually anything - ranging from fuel economy to towing. 

Additionally, you will have access to several amazing technology features help make your drive that much better. With the Ford + Alexa feature, you can utilize the smart device assistant to do more than 50,000 different things, including voice navigation, traffic information, Amazon Prime Shopping, and controlling your smart home devices from the comfort of your vehicle.

On top of these intuitive features, the 360-Degree Camera with Split-View Display utilizes the screen technology and four strategically placed cameras all around the vehicle to give you a live video feed of everything behind your vehicle, as well as an all-encompassing bird’s eye view of the entire vehicle so that you can literally watch everything at once.

Give yourself the gift of a versatile vehicle that outshines all others by purchasing the Ford F-150. The helpful team at Joe Rizza Ford is always happy to help you find your perfect model.

Visit your local Joe Rizza Ford dealership in Orland Park, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Ford F-150, or call 888-309-5189 today to learn more.

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