Ford Flex Is the King of Convenience

Convenience is a sought after trait. After all, daily life is already filled with plenty of stress and hassle, so you need a vehicle that is capable of making your life a little bit easier every time you get behind the wheel. Luckily, the Ford Flex offers an incredible number of features that are sure to make your drive much more convenient for you and all of your passengers

Even the size of the vehicle is enough to impress anyone, as the massive amount of cargo space is capable of fitting almost anything you could ever need to haul with you on your drives.

With so much cargo space you will likely find yourself having to drive other passengers around, and if those passengers have snacks or drinks then it can create a hazard to your beautifully designed interior. Luckily, the Flex comes with ten available cupholders which help to ensure that unwanted spills will not be a problem. 

Even opening the tailgate has become a much more convenient process in the Flex. Simply press the button on the key fob or the one inside of the cabin and watch the power liftgate open completely on its own.

Once the cold weather arrives and the snow starts flying, you can avoid having to spend any additional time outside scraping off your vehicle thanks to the heated side mirrors. Their warming ability is able to keep them as clear as possible to provide a safe drive to your destination.

Let life know that you are more than ready to handle it thanks to the spectacular features of the Ford Flex, which allow you to have your most convenient drive yet. Our wonderful team at Joe Rizza Ford is always available to help you get into your dream vehicle.

Visit your local Joe Rizza Ford dealership in Orland Park, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Ford Flex or call 888-309-5189 to learn more.

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