Why the Ford Escape is the Best SUV Available

The Ford Escape is becoming more and more a common sight on roads all over the country. When you compare what it offers above all other vehicles found within this class, it is very easy to see why. The Escape goes above and beyond wherever it can to be able to set itself apart from the competition, and firmly cement itself as a leader in the SUV market.


If you are considering buying a Ford Escape but are still on the fence, consider these really good reasons to give it another glance.

It Looks Great

The Ford Escape looks amazing, and this is especially rare in these types of SUVs. Usually, one will end up with the basic or boxy form factor, and if not, SUV's who break this mold usually take it to far. The Ford Escape offers a stylish look without going too far out of its way to stand out or be unique. It is a stylish, yet modest, looking vehicle. The doors are especially nice, with some great grooves, awesome feeling handles, and nice details. While these standout, these themes are found throughout the entire exterior of the car, and even inside as well. Which bring us to the next point:

The Interior is Gorgeous

The interior gives the outside a run for its money. Once again, the Escape takes you to a whole new level of style and comfort. When you get into this Ford, you'll feel like you are in a luxury vehicle, likely in awe of the price you paid for it. This is truly a bargain for what you get inside and out. The interior could easily be marked as the best in its class, and it has just about all SUV fans excited to see what Ford may have in store for future iterations of the Escape.

The Engine is Powerful

The engine in an Escape is far better than that of standard SUVs. It will give you about 168 horsepower on its base engine, and higher up options will put out at 173 hp. This means your SUV isn't only great, it's powerful. A killer combination.


When you take these items into account and weight them with the price point and other great bells and whistles offered, it is very easy to see why the Ford Escape is so popular amongst drivers off all types.


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