What New Features Are Coming to the 2019 Ford Focus?

When a car maker promises a remodel that’s going to change a beloved car “from the ground up,” it’s easy to be a bit skeptical at first, but based on what we know about the upcoming changes to the Ford Focus, it sounds like these changes are going to be worth waiting until 2019 for. Here are a few things we already know about what to expect.

Safety Features

One appealing thing that the safety-conscious and regular commuters are going to enjoy is a new suite of driver assistance tech, including automated parking. Exactly what will be available where will vary by market, but some of the things we can expect are adaptive headlights that light a corner before you enter it and evasive steering assistance.

In addition, the new Focus is going to move ahead with the times. A heads-up display is no longer a luxury exclusive, and Ford promises one of the widest and brightest around. One final piece of this that you may be happy to hear is that while the style is getting a new look, dimensions are staying largely the same, according to Ford.

Trying The Ford Focus

Any one of these features could improve the quality of life while driving in a major way. However, if you plan on checking out a Ford Focus for yourself, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t forget all the other elements you want as well. For example, have you given a thought about what type of financing you want? What about where you are going to go for service and even parts if you need it?

All of this can come from one good dealership, like Joe Rizza Ford. We’ve been serving the Orland Park and Chicago areas for many years, using a combination of dedicated and skilled service to help match people up with their perfect cars. If you are looking into financing, want to see our online inventory, or take a test drive, we are here to help.

Visit your local Joe Rizza dealership in Orland Park, IL, to take a look at our extensive inventory of the Ford Focus, or give us a call at 888-309-5189 today.

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