Vehicle Features Necessary for your College Freshman

When your child graduates from high school, your priority is to get them completely prepared for college. This can be a bit overwhelming for many parents as they try to make the right decision to ensure their child’s overall safety and preparation. One consideration many parents must make is whether their child’s high school vehicle is the right vehicle to send them to college in, or if they might need something different. The following are important factors to consider in a vehicle when sending your child off to college


Plenty of Space

When you load your child up to send them off to college, you might be fitting an entire apartment, or in the least an entire dorm room, into that vehicle. It should be large enough to carry all of the essentials from clothes to small furniture.


Good Gas Mileage

Some college students choose a college right down the road form their home, but many choose one that is at least an hour drive from home, if not more. If this is the case, then the vehicle you choose should get decent gas mileage, like the Ford Edge, so that your child does not have to pay an arm and a leg just to get home to visit.



Once again, if your child is driving more than an hour to school, it is important that the car be reliable to get them where they need to go. Many college students stay out late, and the last thing anyone wants is to get stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night with car problems or engine troubles. When deciding on the right vehicle, age and reliability should be a huge factor.


Easy to Park

College campuses can get extremely crowded, and the parking lots can fill up quickly. Many times, these parking lots provide spaces that are smaller than those found standard lots. The vehicle you choose for your college freshman should be easy to drive and park. 


If you are looking for a solid SUV for your college freshman consider a Ford Edge. Come by Rizza Ford today to test drive this SUV. To learn more about the Ford Edge, contact Rizza Ford today by calling (888) 570-4614.

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