Tips for Road Tripping with Cats

While many veterinarians would not recommend traveling with cats, there are times where it is unavoidable, such as instances of moving or relocating. If you must take a road trip with a cat, practice these easy tips to help the trip in your Ford Edge run just a little smoother.


Find a Crate

It can be a safety hazard to travel with a cat without a crate. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to sit still throughout the trip. If they sneak down to the driver's feet, they can get in the way and cause an accident, no matter how many safety features your Ford Edge has. With this in mind, it is always wise to purchase a crate for the cat to travel in.


Make the Crate Comfortable

Many cat’s experience anxiety when they are forced into a crate. This can be particularly shocking for them if the first time they see the crate is when they are being forced into it for an eight-hour car ride. It is recommended that the owners leave the crate where the cat can see it and explore it up to a week before the trip. In addition, you can make the crate feel more comfortable to the cat by laying a towel out in it and placing one of your cat's favorite toys inside. By the time they get inside your Ford Edge, they’ll be calm and ready to travel.


Do Not Feed Them

Unlike dogs, your cat will not have a chance to relieve itself at every rest stop. In most cases, the cat will not use the restroom until you have reached the final destination and set its litter box up. With this in mind, it is important that you remember not to feed your cat the night before, and limit the water you provide it. While this might frustrate your cat, it can save it hours of discomfort on the car ride.


If you are looking to take a road trip in the near future and you are looking for the right new car to purchase to help make these drives more comfortable, consider a Ford Edge. Come by Rizza Ford today to test drive this SUV. To learn more about the Ford Edge, contact Rizza Ford today by calling (888) 570-4614.

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