Tips for Parents of New Drivers

Many parents dread the day that their child turns 16. In most cases, this marks the day when the child gets their driver’s license, and as a result, they gain a significant amount of freedom. While this milestone is hard, and at times, scary, for most parents, it is important to teach your kids a few valuable lessons so that they are good stewards of the road.


Teach Them Proper Maintenance

From knowing when to take their vehicle in for maintenance, to knowing how to change a tire if the situation calls for it, these are all skills that any driver needs to know. These simple skills will not only keep the vehicle in good shape, but it can also help to ensure the child’s safety. The last thing any parent wants to hear is that their child is stranded somewhere with a flat tire or a blown engine.


Always Know Where They Are

As scary as it sounds, accidents do happen. It is important that you always know where your child is or where they are going so that you will know where to look if they are ever in danger. When you child is out, check in with them every few hours to ensure they are safe, and that they are in a safe place.


Set a Curfew

There comes a time at night where no good can come about. As unfortunate as it is, after a certain hour, your child's chances of being hit by a drunk driver increases. Set a curfew to keep your less experienced driver off the road during these hours.


Purchase a Sturdy Car

No matter how much your child loves the zippy sports car, their first vehicle should be larger and reliable to ensure their safety. Parents should consider purchasing an SUV or a sturdy sedan to be their teen’s first car.


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