Key Safety Features in a Ford Escape

There is a lot to talk about when it comes down the all the features made available in a Ford Escape. They offer some of the most recent advancements, and standard to boot. When it comes down to it though, nothing is more important than safety. So what are the key safety features you can expect to receive in a Ford Escape?

AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control

This feature is basically just technology that utilizes sensors to assist the person driving with their steering. This eliminates a lot of the room for human error, that often leads to accidents. This means its sensors monitor all areas of the vehicle, including how it is being driven. So if the driver were to accidentally turn the wheel too much for the road they are traveling on, AdvanceTrac will likely correct it and avoid disaster.

To partner up with this, the Ford Escape also offers what is called "Trailer Sway Control" as an option in some packages. This allows you to up the max towing capacity and receives computer assistance in managing your trailer while in motion.

Ford Safe

The front cabin steering wheel and dash leave a lot of room to see, allowing superior visibility, but to make things even better, the vehicle comes with Ford's "Ford Safe" package. This includes a blind spot information system along with cross traffic alert. This feature will alert you when your car is too close to another located in your blind spot, meaning careless errors become close calls instead of huge issues.

Parking Assist

Parking is one area many people struggle with, especially parallel parking. To deal with this and improve overall safety while parking, Ford has introduced a parking assist system to help you get it right the first time, safely. This system will also help to find the spot as well, something even the best drivers will find beyond useful in busy mall parking lots.


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