Importance of a Seat Belt

“Click it or ticket,” is a phrase that many are familiar with. While it typically refers to the fact that you must wear your seatbelt, or you could be given a ticket, it doesn't explain why exactly this rule is in place. Over the years, many have realized that whether or not a person if wearing a seatbelt can be a case of life or death after an accident. While many only wear their seatbelt because it is the law, it is important to understand the safety measures behind this law, and why it is important to always make sure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt before you drive anywhere.


Keeps Passengers in Vehicle

Unfortunately, there are a large number of deaths every year caused by car accidents. A common reason for fatalities is a person is thrown from the vehicle at the point of impact. Seatbelts are designed to tighten during impact in order to keep passengers securely in place. This stops them from being projected from the vehicle, which is a known cause of many automobile accident fatalities. 


Protects in Rollover Accidents

Like in instances of sudden impact, in cases of rollover accidents, people not wearing a seatbelt can get thrown from the vehicle. In cases of a rollover accident, everything in the vehicle might be tossed around. Anything not secured has a higher chance of flying through a window. When a passenger is not secured to the seat by a seatbelt, they are also at risk of this, and it can cause even more damage than the collision itself.


Assists the Airbag

Airbags are the first line of protection in the case of an accident. They shoot out with force in the moment of impact. When correctly executed, they can save a life. However, if the person is not correctly positioned the airbag can cause further harm. The seatbelt assists the airbag to ensure the passenger is held correctly against the seat.



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