The Ford Expedition is Packed With Convenience Features

The modern family is always on the move. Whether you’re dropping off kids at basketball practice, heading to the grocery store to prepare for dinner or anything in between, you’re always moving. Anything that can make life just that little bit more convenient is always a huge help. However, most people don’t expect convenience features in their vehicles. Yet, the Ford Expedition provides drivers with ways to make life more convenient.

Upon entering the Ford Expedition, it becomes extremely obvious that this is a convenient vehicle. The Expedition features remote keyless entry and illuminated entry, so it becomes noticeable before the vehicle even starts.

One of the most convenient aspects of the Ford Expedition is the steering wheel. The steering wheel is both tilting and telescopic, allowing you to drive in a position that is comfortable to you. Oh and don’t forget that the steering wheel is heated too.

The pedals of the Ford Expedition are unique due to the fact that they are adjustable and feature pedal memory. There is also driver seat memory, meaning you no longer have to waste time adjusting the seat after someone else has driven the vehicle.

The Ford Expedition also comes with vanity mirrors that can be found on both the driver and passenger sides.

There are also a number of beverage holders placed around the vehicle. They can be found near the front and rear seats. This minimizes spills and messes on the road. There is also air conditioning in both the front and back of the vehicle, including front dual-zone AC.

The Ford Expedition is by far one of the most convenient cars on the market to drive. This beautiful vehicle has such a long list of convenience features that it can be hard to remember them all. For those who need to refresh their memory, come on down to Joe Rizza Ford. We have a wide variety of Ford Expeditions and our experienced team is happy to answer any questions you have. We have been the trusted choice in Orland Park, IL for years and you can trust us to help you find your dream vehicle.

Visit Joe Rizza Ford online or call 888-309-5189 for more information on the Ford Expedition or any of our other Ford models.

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