The Ford Expedition has Outstanding Entertainment Features

Anyone who has been on a road trip or any other type of long drive knows that it can get boring on the road. Phone batteries can die quickly and I Spy is only fun for so long. Thankfully, many modern vehicles come packed with a number of entertainment features. The designers at Ford knew this, and have been adding entertainment features to their vehicles for years. The Ford Expedition is one of the best examples of how a vehicle can be both fun for the driver and the passengers.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Ford Expedition is the pair of 8-inch LCD monitors in the first row. This adds tons of entertainment value is it gives curious eyes something to look at other than the road.

There is no denying that listening to music can make a car ride go a lot smoother. Thankfully, the Ford Expedition comes equipped with 12 speakers placed throughout the vehicle. These speakers are connected to a B & O PLAY premium audio system which has a number of capabilities including an MP3 decoder, a CD player and Bluetooth compatibility. The Expedition also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The steering wheel features audio controls, allowing the driver to spend more time looking at the road and less time distracted behind the wheel.

Driving is a source of freedom, however, after being stuck in a vehicle for hours, it can feel like a jail sentence. Thankfully, the Ford Expedition has made it easier to endure those long road trips with its great entertainment features. If your car rides need a little bit more entertainment, swing by Joe Rizza Ford in Orland Park, IL. We have an extensive stock of Ford Expeditions and our experienced sales team will help you find what is best for you. Joe Rizza Ford has been the trusted choice for Ford vehicles in Orland Park, IL for years and you can trust us to help you.

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