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There are fans and fanatics for just about anything that you can think of. There are people all over the world who are fanatical about something, and it all depends on the person. There are some people who are fanatical about cars and they have been that way since they were young. They may have fallen in love with cars for a lot of different reasons. There are different types of car lovers for different types of cars.

Some people fell in love with working on cars. They may have memories of being in the garage with their father or grandfather and working on cars is a way of being nostalgic for them. There are some who appreciate cars for the machine that they are the way that they are able to work. They appreciate the way that all the different systems that are put together and work as a cohesive unit to make the machine function. There are some who love to take a broken car and make it work again.

Some people are fans of a particular brand of car and they love the history that precedes them. Some people love Fords and they want to own a classic one from the 1960s and go to the Ford dealer in Chicago to buy a new one. These are lovers of American cars and they fell for the brand at a young age. Many times, they have the memories of working on a Ford when they were kids, or maybe their Dad raced in a Ford. They also love the NASCAR racers who are driving Fords as well.

Then there are those who fell in love with the classic American muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. They love the look of these cars and they love the potential that they have as far as creativity and speed. They want to take a car that was rusted and junky and turn it into a fully restored piece of American automobile history. Classic cars are appreciated by many and loved by few. They spend so much time, money, and thought on these cars that they spend their free time working on them.

There is a lot to love about cars, and every car lover is different from the next. It is all about what they find great about the car and what it is they fell for at a young age. Some love to fix them and others love to drive them more than anything. Some people love to race and other people love to cruise. There are different cars for different types of people and the driving that they love to do. It all depends on the person and the influence that drove them to a love of cars.

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